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 As a voice teacher, I like to use my ears and eyes as diagnostic tools to help me discern the cause and origin of any vocal problems or vocal health issues that may be present so I can help my students learn effective ways to treat and remedy those issues.

I like to discover what vocal strengths and abilities my students have naturally and work to enhance those skills and use them to inform and help modify other vocal behaviors that might be hindering their progress. If the student is comfortable with hands-on contact, I like to include my skills as an Alexander Technique Teacher to help guide them into more balanced, coordinated, and released body use while singing and to help them connect with their upright and breathing reflexes in healthy and efficient ways.

As a doctoral student at University of Mississippi, I did a semester of internship with a voice care center in Memphis, Tennessee, where I had the opportunity to observe laryngologists, speech pathologists, and singing teachers work together to rehabilitate damaged voices. This training, coupled with my study of The Alexander Technique and with Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method, has given me insights into strategies to help injured singing and speaking voices recover and rebuild healthy use.

I’ve enjoyed helping older adults retrain their voices for healthier and better functioning. I’ve also enjoyed working with non-classical singers of different genres to help them find healthy and efficient ways to deal with vocal fatigue and/or injury. I love to help my students understand the vocal mechanism, how it works, and how it functions differently for different genres of music. I always strive to help my students set attainable and appropriate goals for their God-given talents and do whatever I can to help them achieve those goals.

Here are some experiences and tools that I like to utilize in my work with singers:

Over thirty years of experience in teaching voice privately and in groups at colleges and universities, in community music schools, and in my own private studio.

Vocal Study with:

  • Charlene Ingles Landes at James Madison University
  • Elem Eley at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Linda Mabbs Hunt in College Park, Maryland
  • Mary Ruzika in Timonium, Maryland
  • Cynthia Linton at University of Mississippi
  • Christine Isley-Farmer in Murphreesboro, Tennessee

The Alexander Technique. My studies beginning in 1992 resulted in training to become a certified teacher at The Alexander Alliance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from 1998 – 2002.  I qualified as a Teaching Member of Alexander Technique International in 2002.

Somatic vocal pedagogy training with Jeannie Lovetri in her Somatic Voicework The Lovetri Method, Levels I–III, completed in 2014.

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